Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Wax Removal

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Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Wax Removal

Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Wax Removal

Hydrogen peroxide is most commonly used as an over the counter antiseptic to disinfect minor wounds.  But did you know that hydrogen peroxide ear wax removal is one commonly used method used to loosen and clear out old ear wax and other debris from clogged ears?

First, a note on safety: Do not attempt the hydrogen peroxide ear wax removal method if you have fluid discharge from the ear, severe ear pain or hearing impairment.  Also, it’s not advised if you have highly sensitive skin.  In such instances, a normal solution of saline or water is the preferred choice.  Now let’s get started!

Find “3 Percent” hydrogen peroxide.  All pharmacies should carry this, over the counter.  Next, get a hold of some almond oil or olive oil (the latter is easier to find, at any grocery store), some cotton balls, a bulb aspirator (ask at the pharmacy), one eye dropper, two or three bowls, and a towel.  Keep all these supplies near a sink with space to work.

Place the hydrogen peroxide and oil of your choosing in a bowl of hot water.  Keep them there so they stay warm.

To put the warmed hydrogen peroxide and oil into the ear, tilt your head in a way that the ear which you’ll be treating faces up, to the ceiling.  Put two or three drops of oil into the ear, using the eye dropper; pause for two or three minutes, and then, using the eye dropper, add two or three drops of hydrogen peroxide into the same ear.  Keep your head in position; you should hear a bubbling noise from the hydrogen peroxide.  Wait until the bubbling stops before moving your head.

To avoid staining your shirt, keep a tower on your shoulder and wrapped around your neck.

(If you have impacted earwax, it’s likely that you’ll benefit most from repeating the above procedure.  If you do so, keep a cotton ball in the ear to avoid losing the hydrogen peroxide and oil, and perform the same steps three, perhaps four, timers per day.)

Now, after the oil/hydrogen peroxide mixture has sat in the ear, and bubbled away, you’ll have to drain the mixture out.  Put warm water in the bulb aspirator; then, angle and tilt your head so that the ear your filled with the hydrogen peroxide and oil mixture is over the sink.  Carefully position the tip of the bulb aspirator to forty five degrees; squeeze the bulb gently to push out the warm water into your ear, which flushes out the earwax previously loosened by the mixture described above.

As you can see, hydrogen peroxide earwax removal is one option of treating earwax buildup – we hope this article has helped you!